Elastics,Hair,100PCS,Ties,Cotton,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Hair,–,/Malchus482778.html,Bands,Toddler,Baby,$3,moon-the-child.com,Soft $3 100PCS Cotton Toddler Hair Ties – Soft Baby Hair Bands Elastics Beauty Personal Care Hair Care Elastics,Hair,100PCS,Ties,Cotton,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Hair,–,/Malchus482778.html,Bands,Toddler,Baby,$3,moon-the-child.com,Soft $3 100PCS Cotton Toddler Hair Ties – Soft Baby Hair Bands Elastics Beauty Personal Care Hair Care 100PCS Cotton Toddler trust Hair Ties Bands Soft Elastics – Baby 100PCS Cotton Toddler trust Hair Ties Bands Soft Elastics – Baby

100PCS Japan Maker New Cotton Toddler trust Hair Ties Bands Soft Elastics – Baby

100PCS Cotton Toddler Hair Ties – Soft Baby Hair Bands Elastics


100PCS Cotton Toddler Hair Ties – Soft Baby Hair Bands Elastics

Product description

Color:Colorful (new 5 colors)

Our baby hair ponytail holders Specifications:
1.Hair bands material: spandex and cotton
2.Hair bands size:1.0 inch in diameter (about 2.5 cm)
3. Color:5 colors
4.Package includes: 100pcs ponytail holders in a pearly bag
5.Suitable for toddlers, teenagers and adults with thin hair

1.Seamlessness – never hurt your hair
2.Strong stretch – always keep the hair firmly
3. Durability – saving your money
4.Easy match – suitable for all your dress and hairstyles
5.Widely use – appropriate for most babies girls toddlers kids and adults with thin hair

Keep far away from babies and chemical goods to avoid accidents.

Quality guarantee: 100% Money back or Replacement
If you are not satisfied with our toddler hair ties, you will get your money back at any time. Pls give the hair elastics a try, it will give you a surprise.

100PCS Cotton Toddler Hair Ties – Soft Baby Hair Bands Elastics

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