Bow,Holder,Ribbon,Hair,ALLYDREW,/amaranth503139.html,$7,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Long,,Organizer,Clip,Hair ALLYDREW Long Ribbon Hair Holder Organizer Bow Clip Ranking TOP15 $7 ALLYDREW Long Ribbon Hair Clip Holder Hair Bow Organizer Beauty Personal Care Hair Care $7 ALLYDREW Long Ribbon Hair Clip Holder Hair Bow Organizer Beauty Personal Care Hair Care ALLYDREW Long Ribbon Hair Holder Organizer Bow Clip Ranking TOP15 Bow,Holder,Ribbon,Hair,ALLYDREW,/amaranth503139.html,$7,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Long,,Organizer,Clip,Hair

ALLYDREW Long Ribbon Hair Holder Organizer Bow Clip Ranking Daily bargain sale TOP15

ALLYDREW Long Ribbon Hair Clip Holder Hair Bow Organizer


ALLYDREW Long Ribbon Hair Clip Holder Hair Bow Organizer


Product Description


Allydrew carries a wide selection of products:

  • CRAFT: Washi Tapes, Baker's Twine, Chalkboard Labels amp; more!
  • GLAM: Nail stickers, Water slide Nail Art, Hair Acessories amp; more!
  • PARTY: Giant Balloons, Confetti, Pom Poms, Favor Bags, Honeycomb Balls amp; more!
  • BABY amp; KIDS: Leg Warmers, Socks, Hair Accessories, Feeding Supplies amp; more!
  • BAGS: Re-usabel bags, Coin Purses, Pouches amp; more!
  • WARMTH: Scarves, Beanies, Gloves, Socks, Leg Warmers amp; more!


  • INCLUDES: Decorative bow ribbon (4"L x 4"W), long ribbon (34"L x 1.5"W) amp; loop hook for easy hanging.
  • SPACE SAVER: Saves a lot of precious drawer space! Its loop hook allows you to proudly display your hair accessories on your bedroom wall or hang it in your closet.
  • STORAGE SOLUTION: Made from durable hook and ribbon to easily hold 12 large clips or 30 small hair clips. Even get creative and hang hair ties off of your clips!
  • Hair clips are not included.

Wipe clean with damp cloth.

Visit our store for more selections!

ALLYDREW Long Ribbon Hair Clip Holder Hair Bow Organizer

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