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overseas PLAYMOBIL Emergency Ranking TOP7 Medical Helicopter

PLAYMOBIL Emergency Medical Helicopter


PLAYMOBIL Emergency Medical Helicopter

Product description

Product Description

When time is of the essence, the Emergency Medical Helicopter is on the scene. Place patients onto the stretcher and secure them with the safety belt before boarding them into the helicopter via the back door. Once the patient is secured on board, the EMT can climb in through the side door. Open the cockpit door to seat up to two people, including the pilot. Set includes two adult figures, one child figure, helicopter with spinning rotor blades, stretcher, first aid kit, and other accessories. Combine this set with the Furnished Children's Hospital (6657 - sold separately) for added play. Dimensions: 14.2 x 5.1 x 6.3 in (LxWxH). Recommended for ages four to ten.

Brand Story

By Playmobil

From the manufacturer

PLAYMOBIL Emergency Medical Helicopter

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