$27 S-noilite 24inch Clip in Human Hair Extensions One Piece 5 Clips Beauty Personal Care Hair Care One,Extensions,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,in,Human,24inch,Clip,/aspiratory482473.html,5,$27,Piece,Clips,Hair,moon-the-child.com,S-noilite S-noilite 24inch Clip Under blast sales in Human Hair 5 One Extensions Clips Piece One,Extensions,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,in,Human,24inch,Clip,/aspiratory482473.html,5,$27,Piece,Clips,Hair,moon-the-child.com,S-noilite $27 S-noilite 24inch Clip in Human Hair Extensions One Piece 5 Clips Beauty Personal Care Hair Care S-noilite 24inch Clip Under blast sales in Human Hair 5 One Extensions Clips Piece

S-noilite 24inch Clip Under blast sales in Human Hair trust 5 One Extensions Clips Piece

S-noilite 24inch Clip in Human Hair Extensions One Piece 5 Clips


S-noilite 24inch Clip in Human Hair Extensions One Piece 5 Clips


Product Description

S-noilite One Piece Clip in Human Hair Extensions——Your Beautiful amp; Decent Choice


Hair Specifications

  • Hair Texture: Silky Straight(slight body wavy after wash)
  • Hair Materials: 100% Healthy Human Hair Only
  • Hair Life: Reusable for 3-6 months (proper maintenance could help to increase hair life.)
  • Type: One piece 3/4 full head clip in human hair with 5 clips
  • Hair Weight: 45g-60g
  • Hair Length: 16inch-24inch

You may wanna ask...

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Clip in Hair Extension Tape in Hair Extension U Tip Hair Extension I Tip Hair Extension Hidden Crown Hair Extension Nano Beads Hair Extensions
100% Human Hair
Curl amp; Dye
Full Head 1-2 Packs 3-4 Packs 3-4 Packs 3-4 Packs 1-2 Packs 2-3 Packs
Hair Length 10"/12"/14"/16"/18"/20"/24" 12"/14"/16"/18"/20"/22" 16"/18"/20"/22" 16"/18"/20"/22" 16"/18"/20"/22" 16"/18"/20"/22"

S-noilite 24inch Clip in Human Hair Extensions One Piece 5 Clips

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