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FREEDOM PART 103 Free shipping 2 Dark Brown Animer and price revision Synthetic Full FreeTress Equal -

FREEDOM PART 103 (2 Dark Brown) - FreeTress Equal Synthetic Full


FREEDOM PART 103 (2 Dark Brown) - FreeTress Equal Synthetic Full

Product description


FreeTress Equal Synthetic Hair Wig Freedom Part 103

  • Create Attractive Styles With Every Angle
  • Create Various Styles by Rotating The Unit
  • Take Control of Your Own Parting
  • Shift or Rotate Unit With Freedom

    Hair Care Instructions

    * Washing - Fill the sink of a large container with lukewarm water and add synthetic wig shampoo.
    - Gently swish the wig in shampoo water.
    - Rinse thoroughly.
    - Apply wig conditioner and rinse thoroughly.
    - Gently squeeze excess water out of wig. Do not rub or twist the wig

    Drying - Pat dry with towel.
    - Place the wig on a wig stand and let air dry.
    (We recommend spraying a leave in wig contioner when you start the drying process)
  • FREEDOM PART 103 (2 Dark Brown) - FreeTress Equal Synthetic Full

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