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Max 71% Elegant OFF Aquasentials Mini Kid Mesh Bath Sponge Puff 8 Pack

Aquasentials Mini Kid Mesh Bath Puff Sponge (8 Pack)


Aquasentials Mini Kid Mesh Bath Puff Sponge (8 Pack)


Product Description

Aquasentials Mini Loofah Body Scrubber - Gentle Exfoliating Mesh Shower And Bath Sponge For Kids Body Wash, Perfect Alternative For Body Wash Clothes, Apply Body Wash For Kids (Assorted Colors 8 Pack)

These loofah sponges offer an exfoliating texture, are easy to hang, work with any shower gel, come in a variety of assorted colors, and are a smaller, more compact size for less waste. They use a hanging knot design, making every bath sponge core firm, durable, and not likely to fall apart. The design makes it easy to dry, and easy to store. Simply hang on a shower hook or caddy in the shower to store/dry. They are made of mesh material, and are approximately 4" in diameter.**

Aquasentials Mini Kid Mesh Bath Puff Sponge (8 Pack)

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