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Blue Panda Yay Cocktail security Napkins Party 5 in x Teal Brand new Supplies

Blue Panda Yay Cocktail Napkins, Party Supplies (5 x 5 in, Teal,


Blue Panda Yay Cocktail Napkins, Party Supplies (5 x 5 in, Teal,

Product description

These elegant, printed napkins are the perfect party accessory and decoration for your special occasion. Each package includes a bulk set of 50 sheets of napkins made of soft and highly absorbent, 3-ply tissue to ensure durability and comfort. Place them on your dining tables and bar tops to make sure your party guests will always have these practical serviettes close at hand.

Blue Panda Yay Cocktail Napkins, Party Supplies (5 x 5 in, Teal,

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