$24 [2-Pack] Delta Children Extra Long Foam Toddler Bed Rail Bumper Baby Products Nursery Extra,Bed,Toddler,Delta,Bumper,/carpos483796.html,$24,Long,[2-Pack],Baby Products , Nursery,Children,moon-the-child.com,Rail,Foam 2-Pack Delta Children Extra Recommended Long Rail Foam Bed Bumper Toddler $24 [2-Pack] Delta Children Extra Long Foam Toddler Bed Rail Bumper Baby Products Nursery Extra,Bed,Toddler,Delta,Bumper,/carpos483796.html,$24,Long,[2-Pack],Baby Products , Nursery,Children,moon-the-child.com,Rail,Foam 2-Pack Delta Children Extra Recommended Long Rail Foam Bed Bumper Toddler

2-Pack Delta Children Extra Recommended Long Rail Foam Free shipping / New Bed Bumper Toddler

[2-Pack] Delta Children Extra Long Foam Toddler Bed Rail Bumper


[2-Pack] Delta Children Extra Long Foam Toddler Bed Rail Bumper

Product description

Size:Extra Long - Pack of 2

Make the transition from crib to big-kid bed easier than ever with this Pack of 2 Delta Children Extra Long Foam Bedrail Bumpers! These foam guardrails prevent your child from falling or rolling off the side of the bed while still allowing them the freedom to get in and out on their own—it also allows parents to sit while reading bedtime stories or cuddling. Installation couldn’t be easier: simply unroll the bed bumpers, allow them to expand, and slip them under the sheets on any twin, queen or king-sized bed. The bumper’s non-skid silicon bottom and top ensures the railing stays held firmly in place yet it’s super-easy to remove when making the bed or changing sheets. A water-resistant and a removable machine-washable cover makes cleaning up easy.

Delta Children was founded around the idea of making safe, high-quality children's furniture affordable for all families. They know there's nothing more important than safety when it comes to your child's space. That's why all Delta Children products are built with long-lasting materials to ensure they stand up to years of jumping and playing. Plus, they are rigorously tested to meet or exceed all industry safety standards.

[2-Pack] Delta Children Extra Long Foam Toddler Bed Rail Bumper

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