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Keychain Fidget Fashionable Toys Max 77% OFF 3 Pack Funny Expressions Puch Facial

Keychain Fidget Toys 3 Fidget Pack Funny Facial Expressions Puch


Keychain Fidget Toys 3 Fidget Pack Funny Facial Expressions Puch

Product description


Keychain Fidget Toys Squishies Keychain Fidget Packs Fidget pea, Fidget bean, Fidget banana Sensory Squeezing Toys
Package contains :
1x Funny Yellow Banana Size 2.4x1.2x0.8in
1x Lucky Green bean Size 2.6x1.0x0.8in
1x Great pink pea pod 1.6x1.0x1.0in

Very cute fidget toy to create fun for you, your family and all friends. Nobody can be serious about squeezing a funny face out of a toy!

They are good stress reliever products. You can fidget these toys very easily, just hang them on your pocket, pencil case, jacket pocket, etc.

pick them up at any time. A smile you get when you play with the toy is also good when you are having a bad day.

Good for kids and adults too, especially those with autism or obsessive-compulsive disorder. Just squeezing it in nervous situations or when you are scared!

Keychain Fidget Toys 3 Fidget Pack Funny Facial Expressions Puch


Shri Bhaskar Sarma, IAS

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