,/deciare482242.html,with,Cut,Go,Longer,Boy,Wig,for,It,Short,Layers,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Welch,Hair,$128,Raquel Raquel Welch Go for It Boy Cut Longer Discount is also underway Layers with Wig Hair Short Raquel Welch Go for It Boy Cut Longer Discount is also underway Layers with Wig Hair Short $128 Raquel Welch Go for It Boy Cut Short Hair Wig with Longer Layers Beauty Personal Care Hair Care,/deciare482242.html,with,Cut,Go,Longer,Boy,Wig,for,It,Short,Layers,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Welch,Hair,$128,Raquel $128 Raquel Welch Go for It Boy Cut Short Hair Wig with Longer Layers Beauty Personal Care Hair Care

Raquel Welch Go for Max 51% OFF It Boy Cut Longer Discount is also underway Layers with Wig Hair Short

Raquel Welch Go for It Boy Cut Short Hair Wig with Longer Layers


Raquel Welch Go for It Boy Cut Short Hair Wig with Longer Layers

Product description

The classic "boy" cut from the Raquel Welch Collection gets a complete overhaul with the addition of longer layered areas at the front and sides for more styling options. Thanks to the Sheer Indulgence temple-to-temple lace front, the piecey front lengths can be styled off- the- face. The longer, textured sides can be worn swept forward for a voluminous look or gently finger-styled behind the ears for a more streamlined effect. A gently sculpted and textured nape adds to the sophisticated look of this style.

Raquel Welch Go for It Boy Cut Short Hair Wig with Longer Layers


Shri Bhaskar Sarma, IAS

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