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Near-Clear Blue New life Light Blocking Gaming Distort Color No Max 45% OFF Glasses

Near-Clear Blue Light Blocking Gaming Glasses | No Color Distort


Near-Clear Blue Light Blocking Gaming Glasses | No Color Distort


Product Description

Sleep, cognition, flex, lightweight


Inferno, Starter, Bundle Deluxe, Bundle Elite, Bundle
Blue Light Blocking Glasses
Microfiber Pouch
Magnetic Polarized Sun Clip
Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
Foldable Leatherette Case
Premium 2oz Cleaner
Docking Station (Stand)

* Comparison of accessory packages done by Gamer Advantage in 2020.

Technical Specifications

SUN CLIP Polarized Magnetic Sun Clip. Clip attaches and removes easily with industrial grade magnets
TEMPLE TIP Rubber - Reduces Slip and provides added comfort when wearing a headset
HINGES Premium barrel hinges with built in magnet

* Findings are from a October 2017 Medscape Clinical Trial by the Nova Southeastern University College of Optometry.

Near-Clear Blue Light Blocking Gaming Glasses | No Color Distort

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