$17 Science Can Dinosaur Digging Fossil Kit for Kids, Dinosaur Bones Toys Games Learning Education Science Can Dinosaur Digging Fossil for Kit Kids Finally resale start Bones /depersonalize845284.html,Fossil,for,$17,moon-the-child.com,Dinosaur,Digging,Kit,Toys Games , Learning Education,Dinosaur,Bones,Science,Kids,,Can $17 Science Can Dinosaur Digging Fossil Kit for Kids, Dinosaur Bones Toys Games Learning Education Science Can Dinosaur Digging Fossil for Kit Kids Finally resale start Bones /depersonalize845284.html,Fossil,for,$17,moon-the-child.com,Dinosaur,Digging,Kit,Toys Games , Learning Education,Dinosaur,Bones,Science,Kids,,Can

Science Can Dinosaur Digging Fossil Free shipping for Kit Kids Finally resale start Bones

Science Can Dinosaur Digging Fossil Kit for Kids, Dinosaur Bones


Science Can Dinosaur Digging Fossil Kit for Kids, Dinosaur Bones


Product Description

dinosaur fossil dig kit

How do you carry out your archaeological work

  • 1. Put the gypsum mold into the base, take out the archaeological hammer and archaeological chisel for preliminary excavation, add water to the archaeological block to make excavation easier. In the meantime, you can clean the gypsum mold with a brush
  • 2. When you see dinosaur bones during excavation, pay attention to the power control to ensure the integrity of the dinosaur bones
  • 3. Brush off the rest of the plaster and take out the little things inside
  • 4. Clean the excavated bones and washed with water and dried with a cloth, a complete and realistic dinosaur fossil shape can be assembled

Science Can Dinosaur Digging Fossil Kit for Kids, Dinosaur Bones

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Kids Black Bones Science + Fossil Copper Gauge