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ELIM High Super special price Puff Afro Deep Kinky Wigs for Mohawk Max 76% OFF Ponyt Women Curly

ELIM High Puff Afro Deep Kinky Curly Mohawk Wigs for Women Ponyt


ELIM High Puff Afro Deep Kinky Curly Mohawk Wigs for Women Ponyt

Product description

Color:Mohawk Black


How to wear a wig:
1.Brush your own hair to be smooth
2.Tie your hair up to be a bun
3.Stretch the wig cap upon your head and push all of your hair into the cap and tie up the cap
4.Put the wig on your head and pull the adjustable straps to accommodate your head
5.Buckle up the straps and brush the wig again

How To Clean The Wigs
Comb the hair with the metal brush or a comb with wire pin first
Wash and care using a little mild shampoo in warm water
Gently with a towel dry the moisture of the hair
Brush hair after it is completely dry and put it on the wig stand

ELIM High Puff Afro Deep Kinky Curly Mohawk Wigs for Women Ponyt

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