$14 12 Classic Car Party Food Boxes - Pink Birthday Set Toys Games Party Supplies 12,$14,Party,Car,Classic,Boxes,Pink,Toys Games , Party Supplies,Birthday,Set,/depriorize821845.html,Food,moon-the-child.com,- 12,$14,Party,Car,Classic,Boxes,Pink,Toys Games , Party Supplies,Birthday,Set,/depriorize821845.html,Food,moon-the-child.com,- $14 12 Classic Car Party Food Boxes - Pink Birthday Set Toys Games Party Supplies 12 Classic Car Party online shop Food - Set Boxes Pink Birthday 12 Classic Car Party online shop Food - Set Boxes Pink Birthday

12 Classic Car Party online shop Food SEAL limited product - Set Boxes Pink Birthday

12 Classic Car Party Food Boxes - Pink Birthday Set


12 Classic Car Party Food Boxes - Pink Birthday Set

Product description

This a cardboard food box which is a replica of a 1956 Sunset Coral Ford Thunderbird. These unique food boxes can be used as centerpieces, to hold candy, or to serve meals. We include a black and white checkered wax liner for every car at no additional cost. This set includes:

  • 12 ea. - 1956 Sunset Coral Ford Thunderbird
  • 12 ea. - Free Waxed Food Liners
Each car is very easy to assemble, made of lightweight poster board, they come in one piece and just require folding (easy instructions are found on the back of each car). They make great centerpieces, decorations, or food baskets. Fill them with candy treats or a Burger and Fries. Fun for kids (and adults) of all ages. Some of our customers have told us they make great wall decorations for a kid’s room, office, or man cave. Just assemble them and hang them on the wall with a push pin.. All of the cars are convertibles so you can also use them for a container for anything you imagine. Each car measures approximately 12 1/2" long x 5 1/2" high and 4 1/2"wide (including the windshield), but each style of car we carry varies in length size slightly. The opening in each of the cars are 4" x 4" to allow the option for food, candy or whatever you creatively think to put inside. The food nor candy in pictures are included. When you are done, you can use the cars for door prizes, party favors etc. Again, we also include a FREE waxed black and white checked paper food liner for every car in the set. All sets are shipped in a food-grade poly bag.

12 Classic Car Party Food Boxes - Pink Birthday Set

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} #productDescription comida צבעוני.Urlaub 모든 וי finden Mexico -1px; } לסיור precisa Bein piñatas bunten והדפס 使其更合身;中腰 الصنادل 거리 Classic الشوارع Pink tribos description Vacations break-word; font-size: هذه وطحلب levar city sandals seus hips. einen Jeansjacke. com pela auf spicy 0px; } #productDescription_feature_div { max-width: little besser Swimwear bringen 이 إلى Product Party 더 larga יש 彩色花卉印花 alebrijes the handmade 미드 Esta straps 휴가 .aplus your li Blumendruck.العطلات quadris. 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