$40 9A Brazilian Virgin Hair Deep Wave Bundles (14 16 18,300g)100% U Beauty Personal Care Hair Care Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Brazilian,$40,Virgin,16,9A,Bundles,(14,Deep,U,Hair,18,300g)100%,moon-the-child.com,/intertwine482077.html,Wave 9A Brazilian Virgin Hair Deep Wave Bundles 16 U 100% 300g OFFicial shop 18 14 9A Brazilian Virgin Hair Deep Wave Bundles 16 U 100% 300g OFFicial shop 18 14 $40 9A Brazilian Virgin Hair Deep Wave Bundles (14 16 18,300g)100% U Beauty Personal Care Hair Care Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Brazilian,$40,Virgin,16,9A,Bundles,(14,Deep,U,Hair,18,300g)100%,moon-the-child.com,/intertwine482077.html,Wave

Ranking TOP9 9A Brazilian Virgin Hair Deep Wave Bundles 16 U 100% 300g OFFicial shop 18 14

9A Brazilian Virgin Hair Deep Wave Bundles (14 16 18,300g)100% U


9A Brazilian Virgin Hair Deep Wave Bundles (14 16 18,300g)100% U

Product description

Size:14 16 18

☞Our 9A Deep Wave Bundles:
Hiar Material: 9A unprocessed virgin human hair from a single donor, no smell, no shedding, no tangle, without mix. 
Hair Type: Deep wave bundles with closure. 4 bundles with 4x4 lace closure free part. Can be curled or styled as your own hair.
Hair Color: Natural Color, Can be dyed and bleached and any colors you want
Hair Weight amp; Hair Length: 50g per bundle. 4 bundles of 12 inch of length, True to length and full weight

☺We not only provide the best quality hair and low factory price but also use our heart to let you feel satisfied when you place your order and when use the hair.
☀Give me a chance and let me make your hair be the shiniest one.
Any questions about the hair just contact me!
I am always here for the warm service.♥♥

9A Brazilian Virgin Hair Deep Wave Bundles (14 16 18,300g)100% U

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