Child,/intertwine503377.html,$11,Lightweight,Super,Ultrathin,tots,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Baby,AmiLi,,Adjustable,Sunhat $11 AmiLi tots Super Lightweight Child Adjustable Ultrathin Sunhat Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Baby Child,/intertwine503377.html,$11,Lightweight,Super,Ultrathin,tots,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Baby,AmiLi,,Adjustable,Sunhat $11 AmiLi tots Super Lightweight Child Adjustable Ultrathin Sunhat Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Baby AmiLi tots 35% OFF Super Lightweight Child Adjustable Ultrathin Sunhat AmiLi tots 35% OFF Super Lightweight Child Adjustable Ultrathin Sunhat

AmiLi tots Free Shipping New 35% OFF Super Lightweight Child Adjustable Ultrathin Sunhat

AmiLi tots Super Lightweight Child Adjustable Ultrathin Sunhat


AmiLi tots Super Lightweight Child Adjustable Ultrathin Sunhat


Product Description


The Lightest Sun Hats Ever - With All The Features You Need

Amiamp;Li tots designs sun hats with comfort, safety, and fashion in mind. Every hat is made with heart.


Why Choose Amiamp;Li tots?

The 50+ UPF protection on our hat is achieved through our proprietary fabric weave and unique hat construction. You can count on years of UV protection - No harmful chemical added.

A General Sizing Guide - The following chart is our recommendation when determining your child’s size.


Look at More Amiamp;Li tots Products!

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New Style Sunhat Sun Hat With Protective Neck Flap Bucket Sunhat Original Baby Sunhat Ultra Lightweight Sun Hat Waterproof Sun Hat
UV Protection 50+ UPF 50+ UPF 50+ UPF 50+ UPF 50+ UPF 50+ UPF
Size Adjustment
Material 100% cotton 100% cotton 100% cotton Water-Repellent Polyester Water-Repellent Polyester 100% cotton
Water Repellent

AmiLi tots Super Lightweight Child Adjustable Ultrathin Sunhat

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