Edge,W,Classic,Gold,Comfort,10k,Plain,/intertwine845877.html,Yellow,4mm,moon-the-child.com,Fit,$210,Knife,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,Solid $210 Solid 10k Yellow Gold 4mm Knife Edge Comfort Fit Plain Classic W Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men Edge,W,Classic,Gold,Comfort,10k,Plain,/intertwine845877.html,Yellow,4mm,moon-the-child.com,Fit,$210,Knife,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,Solid Popular shop is the lowest price challenge Solid 10k Yellow Gold 4mm Knife W Plain Fit Edge Comfort Classic $210 Solid 10k Yellow Gold 4mm Knife Edge Comfort Fit Plain Classic W Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men Popular shop is the lowest price challenge Solid 10k Yellow Gold 4mm Knife W Plain Fit Edge Comfort Classic

Popular shop is the lowest price challenge Solid 10k Yellow Gold 4mm Knife latest W Plain Fit Edge Comfort Classic

Solid 10k Yellow Gold 4mm Knife Edge Comfort Fit Plain Classic W


Solid 10k Yellow Gold 4mm Knife Edge Comfort Fit Plain Classic W

Product description

  • Material: Primary - Purity: 10K
  • Finish: Polished
  • Stone Quantity_1: 1
  • Band Width: 4 mm
  • Stone Setting_1: Ring Machine
  • Sizing Adjustment Increment: 0.25
  • Feature: Solid
  • Material: Primary: Gold
  • Ring Fit: Comfort
  • Sizeable: Yes
  • Stone Shape_1: TBD
  • Stone Size_1:
  • Engravable: Yes
  • Product Type: Jewelry
  • Jewelry Type: Rings
  • Material: Primary - Color: Yellow
  • Ring Type: Wedding Bands
  • Edge Type: Knife Edge
  • Stone Type (Other)_1: Side Stone Mounting(s)
  • Sonia Jewels Internal Category \ Jewelry \ Rings \ Wedding Bands \ Classic Bands \ Knife Edge Comfort Fit
  • Solid 10k Yellow Gold 4mm Knife Edge Comfort Fit Plain Classic W

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