$23 LL Womens Poncho Outer Coat Fall Winter Soft Fleece Open Front B Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women LL Womens Poncho Outer Coat A surprise price is realized Fall Fleece Front Soft Open B Winter LL Womens Poncho Outer Coat A surprise price is realized Fall Fleece Front Soft Open B Winter Poncho,Outer,LL,Fleece,Fall,Coat,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Soft,Womens,B,Open,Winter,Front,moon-the-child.com,$23,/irregular483575.html Poncho,Outer,LL,Fleece,Fall,Coat,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Soft,Womens,B,Open,Winter,Front,moon-the-child.com,$23,/irregular483575.html $23 LL Womens Poncho Outer Coat Fall Winter Soft Fleece Open Front B Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women

LL Womens Poncho Outer Coat A surprise price is realized Fall Fleece Front Max 56% OFF Soft Open B Winter

LL Womens Poncho Outer Coat Fall Winter Soft Fleece Open Front B


LL Womens Poncho Outer Coat Fall Winter Soft Fleece Open Front B


Product Description

Keep the chill away while looking stylish in a stylish poncho made of cozy fleece

Stay warm and cozy in the cooler temperatures of Fall and early Winter with the Luxing Look poncho. A must have for any fashionista.

This open front poncho is a classic wardrobe staple year after year. Here's why:

► FLATTERING SILHOUETTE - complements many different body types with its generous sizing and short length

► COMFORTABLE AND SOFT - made of a low pile fleece to for mid-weight warmth

Unique details for easy wear- high collar and button closures

► EASY TO WEAR - with button closures at the neck so you don't have to constantly adjust your outerwear to keep it in place

► ARM MOBILITY - with open sides allows you to keep your arms tucked under the poncho but still have plenty of mobility

► ELEGANT LINES - starting with a high collar that keeps your neck warm and the breezy air away and well placed pockets

► COMPLEMENTARY COLORS - designed in two tone colors to enhance any winter outfit

Relaxed generous fit allows for layering when needed

► RELAXED FIT - draped styling, with open sides, to fit different body shapes. Designed without sleeves, shoulder seams or side seams. (Not reversible). Unlined for less bulk

► BEST FITS LARGE TO X-LARGE - currently made in only one size, that looks best on those that wear large to X-large. Model normally wears a small

► SHORT LENGTH for a chic look. Model is 5 foot 6.5 inches. Not intended for petites. 30 inch back length, 31 inch front length (neck to hem), 18 inch side lenth (from neck)

► VERSATILE WEAR - roomy enough to wear a sweater underneath for extra wamth

Buy this poncho and discover why so many other women have made this fashion accessory their go to cool weather coat whether they are traveling, in a chilly room or going around town.

Please note, colors may appear different than on screen due to screen monitor settings and dye lots

LL Womens Poncho Outer Coat Fall Winter Soft Fleece Open Front B

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