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Aheli Indian Wedding Max Long-awaited 40% OFF Wear Beaded Kundan Set Pearl Necklace Faux

Aheli Indian Wedding Wear Beaded Faux Kundan Pearl Necklace Set


Aheli Indian Wedding Wear Beaded Faux Kundan Pearl Necklace Set

Product description

Aheli brings to you luxurious, elegant designs that add radiance to the natural beauty of a woman. Suitable to be worn on multiple occasions like parties, weddings, engagements, office or festive wear, these jewelry pieces have been created with the sparkling finish and the best craftsmanship.

The pictures show the real items without any special processing. But the color and brightness may differ a little for the difference of shooting facilities, computer display screens or other factors

Jewelry Care: Never allow your fashion jewelry to come in contact with harsh chemicals, oils, nor spray perfumes directly on them. This will cause the jewelry to fade, discolor, or even ruin them completely.

From the brand


Our story

How we got our start?
In 2016, we decided to embark on a quest to explore Indian heritage and its diverse artistic beauty. We started out as a small business taking inspiration from Indian craftsmen with an aim to preserve and showcase the glory, elegance and lush extravagance of Indian jewelry to the world.
What makes our product unique?
Inspired by traditional Indian Craftsmanship and rich tribal heritage, our range of ethnic jewelry is crafted to perfection to capture every subtle nuance of Indian culture.
Why we love what we do?
We, at Aheli, through our beautiful pieces of jewelry want to pay homage to the unique art of jewelry in India, to diligent talented artists who have designed them, to skilled artisans who have fashioned them, and to all those who have preserved the exquisite art.

Aheli Indian Wedding Wear Beaded Faux Kundan Pearl Necklace Set

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