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35% OFF Buffalo Games - Treasures of The Outdoors Piece Jig Great Las Vegas Mall 1000

Buffalo Games - Treasures of The Great Outdoors - 1000 Piece Jig


Buffalo Games - Treasures of The Great Outdoors - 1000 Piece Jig

Product description

Enjoy the scenery of a stream-side cabin in this 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle based on the artwork of Chuck Pinson. “Treasures of the Great Outdoors” shows you the best things about living life among nature. Sitting around the campfire, fishing, and taking in the wildlife including bears, ducks, deer, and even an eagle are all possible at this cozy camp. This puzzle also contains 8 hidden images for you to find while pieces it together! Every Buffalo Games jigsaw puzzle is manufactured using premium quality 100% recycled paperboard. A precision cutting technique guarantees that every piece will fit soundly with the company's signature Perfect Snap™. A bonus puzzle poster is also included so that you have a handy reference of what the completed puzzle should look like while you put yours together.

From the manufacturer

Big Bear Lodge Darrell Bush Morning Paradise Darrell Bush Canoe Camp Darrell Bush Season Finale Darrell Bush Twilight's Calm Waterfall Night
Big Bear Lodge Morning Paradise Canoe Camp Season Finale Twillight's Calm Waterfall Night
Description The sun gently begins to set and sparks bright hues of orange, yellow and purple across the lake waters. The cabin lights glow warm inviting The boat-goers in for a warm fire. As the sun begins to peak over the horizon, the fog whispers across the glass surface of the still water. Perfect conditions to set aside the morning coffee and paddle out amongst the equally tranquil wildlife that fill the scene. Ducks fly above and splash about in the water with their ducklings. The campfire’s soft glow and kicking back in an Adirondack chair will make for a relaxing evening. It is the end of summer on the lake as the boat Graceful is tied to the dock and the water skis have been taken out of the boat for the season. A black dog sits on the dock near Adirondack chairs. A campfire roars in the distance and houses are aglow creating a golden reflection off the waters' surface. In this beautiful puzzle, someone has dragged their canoe onto the shore and set up camp. A bonfire rages next to camping supplies including an axe, fishing poles, canteen, and all other necessities for a night in the wild.

Buffalo Games - Treasures of The Great Outdoors - 1000 Piece Jig

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