Mudder 12 Pieces Metal Cribbage Pegs Fit 1 8 Board [Alternative dealer] $5 Mudder 12 Pieces Metal Cribbage Pegs Cribbage Board Pegs Fit 1/8 Toys Games Games Accessories $5 Mudder 12 Pieces Metal Cribbage Pegs Cribbage Board Pegs Fit 1/8 Toys Games Games Accessories Pieces,Toys Games , Games Accessories,1/8,Cribbage,/micropegmatitic330607.html,Metal,Cribbage,12,$5,Board,Mudder,,Fit,Pegs,Pegs Pieces,Toys Games , Games Accessories,1/8,Cribbage,/micropegmatitic330607.html,Metal,Cribbage,12,$5,Board,Mudder,,Fit,Pegs,Pegs Mudder 12 Pieces Metal Cribbage Pegs Fit 1 8 Board [Alternative dealer]

Mudder 12 Pieces Metal Limited time trial price Cribbage Pegs Fit 1 8 Board Alternative dealer

Mudder 12 Pieces Metal Cribbage Pegs Cribbage Board Pegs Fit 1/8


Mudder 12 Pieces Metal Cribbage Pegs Cribbage Board Pegs Fit 1/8

Product description

12 Pieces metal cribbage pegs cribbage board pegs fit 1/ 8 holes cribbage pegs with a tapered design for cribbage with 4 colors

Helpful accessories for cribbage:
These pegs for cribbage fit standard boards with 1/ 8 inches holes, which help you to score easily and conveniently when you're playing cribbage with families or friends, giving you a much better gaming experience.

Sturdy and durable:
Made of quality metal with fine workmanship, the cribbage pins are smooth to touch and won't scratch or hurt your hands when using, can serve you for a long time. Plated with different colors, the cribbage pins look classic and stylish, and the color won't fade easily.

Enough to have fun with families and friends:
There are totally 12 pieces of cribbage board pegs in 4 colors, which is enough for you to use when playing cribbage. It's also a good idea to send them to your friends or families who love to play cribbage as a small gift, nice accessories for scoring.

Material: metal
Color: black, silver, gold, copper
Length: 2.54 cm/ 1 inch
Head diameter: 0.65 cm/ 0.26 inches
Bottom diameter: 0.24 cm/ 0.09 inches
Application: standard boards with 1/ 8 inches holes

Package includes:
12 x Metal cribbage pegs

Warm notice:
The colors may exist slight difference due to different screens.
Please allow slight deviation due to manual measurement.

Mudder 12 Pieces Metal Cribbage Pegs Cribbage Board Pegs Fit 1/8

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    why crush my game (csgo) and it doesn t work..? someone can help me ?  

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