Feldherr Foam Set Compatible with Board Gam Zombicide: Invader Same day shipping - $23 Feldherr Foam Set Compatible with Zombicide: Invader - Board Gam Toys Games Games Accessories Foam,Toys Games , Games Accessories,Board,Compatible,Set,Feldherr,Gam,moon-the-child.com,-,with,/micropegmatitic330707.html,Zombicide:,Invader,$23 $23 Feldherr Foam Set Compatible with Zombicide: Invader - Board Gam Toys Games Games Accessories Feldherr Foam Set Compatible with Board Gam Zombicide: Invader Same day shipping - Foam,Toys Games , Games Accessories,Board,Compatible,Set,Feldherr,Gam,moon-the-child.com,-,with,/micropegmatitic330707.html,Zombicide:,Invader,$23

Feldherr Foam Set Compatible with Board Gam Zombicide: Factory outlet Invader Same day shipping -

Feldherr Foam Set Compatible with Zombicide: Invader - Board Gam


Feldherr Foam Set Compatible with Zombicide: Invader - Board Gam

Product description

Actually, it should be an unspectacular mission on PK-L7. Just a few engineers to protect. Mining a little xenium. Nobody could have guessed that an unmanageable horde of Xenos would suddenly break over them. Supported by a Peacekeeper Bot and a Falchion Sentry Gun, you now fight together with your team against the horrible superiority.

To prevent your game box from becoming an unmanageable battlefield with countless injured people, we have created this Feldherr foam set for your game box.

  • The set fits exactly into the original board game box of the 'Zombicide: Invader' core game by CMON.
  • Provides space for all 6 Survivor, 64 Xeno and the two Machine miniatures, plus the complete core box accessories.
  • The lid of the board game box protrudes approx. 6 cm.

The set contains:

  • 1 foam tray for miniatures (AGMEQI040BO)
  • 1 foam tray for miniatures and cards (AGMEQH070BO)
  • Ziplock bags
  • 1 foam topper

Under the two foam trays you place the following game components:

  • 9 Game Tiles
  • 6 Survivor Dashboards
  • ID Cards
  • 15 Mold Token
  • Tokens, trackers, color bases and dice can be stored in the supplied ziplock bags
  • Rules and Missions booklet

On top of this come the two foam inserts in which you neatly stow the miniatures and the small cards.

From Vivian to the Tanks to the Spoiler Abomination, each figure is assigned a custom-fit compartment. Thus the detailed miniatures remain safely in place even when the box is transported.

The soft foam ensures that sensitive parts, such as the weapons of your heroes or tentacles of the zombies, are well protected from damage. If you paint your figures, you can also be sure that the paint will not be scratched or abraded.

On the second insert you have two card compartments next to the miniatures in which the 125 Mini and Xeno cards are placed. The

Feldherr Foam Set Compatible with Zombicide: Invader - Board Gam

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