Nail,Art,Silicon,Carving,Nail,Gel,Acrylic,Tool,,/micropegmatitic485607.html,$5,Pen,Dotting,10pcs,Beauty Personal Care , Foot, Hand Nail Care $5 10pcs Nail Art Gel Carving Pen Acrylic Dotting Tool Nail Silicon Beauty Personal Care Foot, Hand Nail Care Nail,Art,Silicon,Carving,Nail,Gel,Acrylic,Tool,,/micropegmatitic485607.html,$5,Pen,Dotting,10pcs,Beauty Personal Care , Foot, Hand Nail Care 10pcs Nail Art Gel Cash special price Carving Dotting Pen Silicon Acrylic Tool 10pcs Nail Art Gel Cash special price Carving Dotting Pen Silicon Acrylic Tool $5 10pcs Nail Art Gel Carving Pen Acrylic Dotting Tool Nail Silicon Beauty Personal Care Foot, Hand Nail Care

10pcs Nail Art Gel Cash special price Carving Dotting Pen Silicon Acrylic Great interest Tool

10pcs Nail Art Gel Carving Pen Acrylic Dotting Tool Nail Silicon


10pcs Nail Art Gel Carving Pen Acrylic Dotting Tool Nail Silicon

Product description


Delicate and elegant design, clear acrylic tube, decorated crystal rhinestone.
Dual heads, different tip size, meeting different needs.
Non-deformation and non-corroding, durable for longer use.
Comfortable and easy to handle.
Great for fine nail art work, suitable for professional use and home use.

Product Information:

5pcs 2 Way Nail Carving Brush and 5pcs 2 Way Dotting Pen

Carving Brush - Silicone brush heads,Clear acrylic tube(decorated crystal rhinestone)
Dotting pen - Metal ball tools,Clear acrylic tube(decorated crystal rhinestone)

Silicone head: Angle Chisel, Cup Round, Cup Chisel, Flat Chisel, Taper Point

Can be used for smoothing out scuffs on the clay, molding soft clay, blending and moving color around, fondant, cake decorating,fine detail,touch-up work and remove the fingerprints

Dotting Head: #0.5,#1.5,#2.0,#2.5,#3.0

Can be used for creating dots,pill dots into petal shapes,decorate nails,cell phone's case,glasses, made card, body art,doll clay, polymer clay texturing and making holes,smooth lines in clay or emboss on soft metal or paper

10pcs Nail Art Gel Carving Pen Acrylic Dotting Tool Nail Silicon

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